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Aidou grumbled as he walked into the Moon Dormitory, his hands shoved into his pockets. He was the last of the Night Class students to return from classes and as he did so, he shut the door behind him. The sound echoed throughout the halls and it made the golden-blonde vampire wonder where the other students were at. Perhaps they were already up and in their respective rooms. That or they could have even been outside. It wasn’t like Aidou cared right now; his patience for the day was running thin.

Grumbling even more, he headed towards one of the flights of stairs that flanked the seating area, his nimble fingers working at the buttons on his school uniforms jacket as he did so. His ascension was slow and so was the action of taking off his jacket. When it was finally hanging freely in front of him, he pulled it off of his arms and tossed it over his shoulder, hanging onto it carelessly by the tag that was one the inside collar.

At the top of the stairs, he turned to his right and made his way down the dimly lit corridor to his destination. Aidou closed his fingers around the brass knob of the oak door and twisted it, pushing the door as he did so. His actions caused light to flood the room, but there was nothing that Aidou was not expecting. His room-mate and cousin, Akatsuki Kain, was already asleep beneath the dark maroon cover that covered the expanse of his huge mattress.

Shutting the door behind himself, Aidou tossed his jacket over the back of a nearby chair and kicked his shoes off. Stripping down, he grabbed a pair of comfortable sleeping pants that he had left lying about that morning and pulled them on before padding over to his mattress, lifting the edge of the dark cover and sliding beneath it. Rolling onto his side, he got comfortable before feeling a pair of warm hands come into contact with his chest. The familiar smell that was [Name] greeted him as she pressed her body up against his and it made Aidou smile.

He began to think that his annoyance over this day was irrelevant next to the fact that [Name] would always be there for him to offer an ear to listen and warm lips to kiss when he returned every day.

Fandom: Vampire Knight

Prompt: Warm me

Character(s): Aido Hanabusa

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Romance

Extra: Aido is having a bad day ^^~
Hanabusa Aidou Drabble -> Prize for XTheMythicalPrincessX on Quizilla -> Word Count: 399. -> Also on my Wattpad and Quizilla (AyaNara) -> Enjoy.
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